Israeli medical school students are demanding the medical establishment stop using a famous ambulance name in their logo.

According to Haaretz, the students of the Israel Medical School of Medicine (IMS) have launched a petition against the school’s mascot, the “Elevator,” for the “mistreatment of patients.”

The petition, titled “Stop using ‘Elevation'” in the IMS logo, asks the Israeli Ministry of Education to ban the use of the name from future logos.

It has been posted on the petition site.

“As a medical school, we have the duty to promote excellence in healthcare and to provide excellence to the public,” the petition says.

“Unfortunately, this duty has become difficult due to the ongoing conflicts between Israel’s policies toward the Palestinian population and the continued occupation.

In order to create a positive image for our students, the image of an ambulance should not be used in the logo.”

The IMS, founded in 1973, has been a vocal critic of Israeli policy towards the Palestinians.

In November 2016, students staged a walkout of the institute after receiving a letter from the Israeli government that called for the immediate suspension of the university’s accreditation.

The students said the suspension was due to a decision by the Ministry of Health to remove references to the hospital from the IMD’s curriculum.

A petition to stop the use in the university logo of the “Escort” ambulance is currently active on the website of the IMT, as well as on the IMM website.

The “Evaluation Committee” of the Israeli Association of Medical Schools (IAMCS), a body that vets medical schools, also issued a statement condemning the move.

“The IAMCS does not condone the use and use of ambulance names for the sake of a political agenda,” the statement read.

“We hope the Israeli Medical Association and the government will take immediate action to stop this kind of inappropriate use of public symbols and to ensure the integrity of our profession and its reputation.”