Medical device maker Wolf Medical Products says it is considering a sale of its medical equipment business, including its Jarit medical instrument unit, after it found out about a patent dispute between two of its companies.

Wolf Medical Products announced the announcement Friday, which comes just days after the company’s parent company, Wolf Medical Devices, filed a trademark dispute lawsuit against three rival medical device makers.

The Wolf Medical Systems unit sells medical devices to hospitals and other medical institutions for use in emergency situations and also helps them manufacture, repair, and supply medical devices.

The company’s shares were down 0.5% in early trading on Friday.

Jarit’s medical instrument maker, Wolf Scientific Products, has also sued three rival device makers, accusing them of infringing its patents.

Wolf Scientific’s stock was down 3% in late trading on the Nasdaq.

The companies have agreed to a deal that would resolve the dispute, but neither Wolf Scientific nor Jarit could be reached for comment Friday.

Wolf Scientific’s filing says the patents on Jarit Medical Instruments’ medical device, which are licensed by the American Medical Association, are invalid because they are not related to medical devices that are specifically designed for the use of humans, as required by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The company said it believes the patent dispute will have no impact on the company.

The medical device unit’s products include diagnostic tools, medical instruments and supplies, according to the filing.

Wolf’s filing is the latest in a long line of lawsuits against medical device companies, including several filed against Apple, which has long argued that Apple infringes on its patents on its iPhone and iPad.

The Apple-owned company has said it has not filed any lawsuits against any of the medical device company’s competitors.