Doctors in Boston are calling for the federal government to stop subsidizing high-priced medical implants.

The Massachusetts Medical Society, which represents more than 60,000 doctors, doctors assistants and other medical professionals, released a report Thursday that called on the Trump administration to “stop providing incentives for high-cost medical devices and equipment.”

The American Medical Association, the largest physician’s group in the country, also called on Congress to reject Trump’s health care bill and the Affordable Care Act.

The group said the administration is forcing the Massachusetts Medical society to provide an incentive program for high costs, including devices and procedures.

“It’s a disgrace that the federal Government will be subsidizing the cost of expensive medical devices that are not necessary to perform medical tasks,” the group wrote.

“The AMA would like the administration to stop incentivizing medical devices with a price tag that is twice as high as the costs of the devices themselves.”

The AMA report says the $2,400 price tag for a $4,000 implant is a significant increase from what the average patient pays for a standard procedure.

It also said the federal incentives for implants are too low.

The report said Massachusetts medical societies and health care providers have already spent hundreds of millions of dollars on medical devices in recent years.

The medical society said the cost for the devices has skyrocketed because the government is not required to make sure the devices are not medically unsafe.

The committee is scheduled to release its recommendations to the Trump Administration on April 11.