The most expensive medicine in China has been revealed by a Chinese consumer magazine.

Medical devices are the main target of Chinese consumers looking for a high-end option for the most part.

However, in the past few years, Chinese consumers have been getting increasingly interested in medicine as well.

In February 2017, an article from a Chinese medical magazine appeared on the website of a popular health magazine.

According to the article, there is an increasing demand for expensive medical devices.

The article described how Chinese consumers are increasingly seeking health products.

The article stated that China is becoming a country where medical devices are becoming more expensive than traditional pharmaceutical products.

The most expensive Chinese medical devices, according to the magazine, are:Medical appliancesMedical instrumentsMedical devices used in the treatment of diseasesMedical devices in the diagnosis and treatment of conditionsMedical devices for treating infectious diseasesMedical equipment used in hospital careMedical equipment for the treatment and rehabilitation of injured peopleMedical devices to diagnose and treat cancer and other diseasesThe magazine said that Chinese consumers spend approximately 50 trillion yuan ($76.8 billion) per year on medical equipment, with the total value of the country’s medical equipment exceeding 2 trillion yuan.

According to the Chinese magazine, Chinese hospitals are suffering from the growing cost of medical equipment.

According a report by the Ministry of Health, the number of hospital beds in China increased by 10% in 2017, from 631,000 to 739,000.