The Goldstar Healthcare IT & Solutions company is hiring a qualified medical instrument engineering & technology specialist.

You’ll be helping the company’s team develop and market products for its customer’s needs and meet its customers’ healthcare needs.

You should have some prior healthcare experience or experience with healthcare software.

You can also have a background in medical imaging or healthcare IT.

You may also have experience in software engineering or in healthcare IT and/or software development.

The position is based in New York City.

Goldstar has an excellent track record of hiring and retaining highly qualified professionals.

It also offers a well-respected career development platform that includes a paid internship, a mentoring program, and other opportunities.

You will work with the engineering team to create products that meet their customers’ specific needs, and you will also be responsible for product development.

You are expected to report to your boss within the next 60 days and be compensated at a rate of $13.00 per hour.

The company is looking for an experienced medical instrument engineer with experience in the following areas: Medical instrument design, medical instrument development, medical device manufacturing, healthcare IT, and medical device design.

You must be comfortable working with and following the Microsoft C# programming language and Windows Server 2016 software.

You must be able to work remotely and meet the company-wide project deadlines.

You will work closely with the product management team, and will be expected to follow a set of best practices and guidelines for product and service quality.

You also have to have strong interpersonal and project management skills.

The Company will offer a flexible work schedule, with flexibility to adapt to the unique needs of the job and to the company culture.

You are expected for the following: * Responsibilities for the product design process* * Designing, creating, testing, and improving products* * Responsible for the quality assurance of products** * Demonstrates good communication and interpersonal skills* * Understands the needs of customers and employees* * Is a team player and an effective team player* * Has the ability to communicate with others and with colleagues* * Can work with diverse teams* * Good interpersonal and team skills*Goldstar Healthcare, Inc. is a leading provider of healthcare solutions.

The Goldstars technology platform and its platform tools are designed to deliver the highest quality care.

The product team’s expertise and experience in healthcare software engineering and medical instrument design is the foundation of the Goldstar platform and it is the company that delivers the software solutions that help people get the best care possible.

For more information about the company, visit or call 1-800-GO-GO.

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