In Florida, a medical device company is facing a lawsuit alleging that it inflated medical device sales by $1 billion, the Miami Herald reports.

According to the complaint, Floridians used to have to pay up to $10,000 for a device to be sent out to the states for testing.

Now, doctors are charged $200 per device, and if they don’t have the right devices, doctors can be charged up to three times that amount.

According the complaint:The company, Medtronic, claims that the increase was due to a reduction in the number of doctors who are trained to use the devices.

Medtronics’ website says that the company is “leading the industry in the development and commercialization of medical devices and technology, and is working with the Florida Medical Board to help them increase their market share.”

The company also says that it is a leading innovator in device development, and has a long-term strategy to expand into new medical devices, including a new line of devices designed to treat patients with a variety of conditions, including cancer and arthritis.

The company claims that Medtropics “continues to invest in innovation, research and clinical trials to expand our products’ capabilities, to ensure we can meet patients’ needs and to expand beyond the products we already offer.”

Medtropic is currently in the process of selling its devices in Florida, according to the company.