A band of Indonesian musicians have developed a virtual instrument, which they use for a different purpose: teaching the art of playing an instrument.RTE’s Al Jazeera English series Medical Instruments Singapore, which ran from October 13 to 16, has explored how music and the art form of playing instruments can be used to heal people.

It’s a subject that’s still hotly debated in Indonesia, where musicians are accused of being criminals and drug dealers.

The project, which was conceived by musicians and a psychologist, has been likened to virtual concerts or virtual concerts of musical instruments in Singapore, where people can learn to play the instruments.

“There are many different types of instruments, but I like to think of them as virtual instruments,” said one of the musicians, who asked not to be named.

“We can use them for meditation, therapy, to practise singing, to meditate, and for some other things.

I think that it’s important to use instruments like this to help people.”

Dr. A.P. Sarang, the director of the Indonesian National Institute of Medical Education and Research, said that music was important to help improve communication and communication skills.

“The art of music is a very human activity and not something you can be born with,” Dr Sarang said.

“It’s something that’s developed over millions of years.

Music is a gift of God.”‘

Instrumental’ for a better lifeIn the Philippines, where the country is experiencing a boom in tourism, music is often a focal point for cultural celebrations, such as the annual Rizal Festival, where music is played in a concert hall.

However, the artform has been linked to human rights violations in the country, and musicians have been detained for alleged involvement in drug trafficking and other crime.

A doctor from the Indonesian University of the Philippines said that it was important for Indonesian musicians to learn how to play instruments to help heal people, adding that music could be used for “inspiration” and “spiritual healing”.

“We need to understand how music can be a gift, a spiritual gift that can help us become better people,” Dr. Kedrono Bambangg told RTE.

“Music can bring us joy and inspiration.

It can make us laugh and feel happy, and it can help in communication, it can make you feel comfortable, and that’s the essence of the music we sing.”