VODEN, Pakistan (AP) Vodens coach Gulshani, a former captain of Pakistan’s national cricket team, has praised his countrymen after the opening match of the T20 tournament.

Gulshan made his debut for Pakistan in this year’s World T20, but he was also the coach of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

In his first interview since joining the country, he said he was proud to be a member of a country which had a cricket team.

“I am very proud of Pakistan,” he said.

“I am thankful to Pakistan cricket board, to the fans, to all the players and all the supporters of Pakistan cricket team and I want to thank them.”

We are doing well in T20 and I am really happy for the team.

I am very happy that we are playing in the World Cup.

“Voden is currently ranked third in the T40 world rankings and will play in the semi-final.

It will be a rematch against India in Durban on March 2.