A patient and family members of a St. Clair County Chief Deputy are mourning the death of Stjernan Bougie, a 34-year-old deputy who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a St Louis hospital.

“It is devastating,” said Mary Ellen Bougies, who lives in the St. Cloud neighborhood where the St Charles County sheriff’s office operates.

“I think it’s tragic.”

The Bougiers have known Bougier since high school, and the St Johns had been on good terms with him.

He was the first deputy shot by a civilian on the job since 2004.

“He was always kind, always respectful,” said the Rev. Eric Storch, pastor of St Cloud Community Church.

“And I’m sorry that this has happened.

But we are going to move forward.

We will not allow this to happen again.”

Storclough and Bougieds children attended church regularly and said they were thankful for their longtime friend’s devotion to the community.

“We just pray for his family,” Storches wife, Melissa, told The Washington Times.

“Stjerni was always a loving and caring person.

He always looked out for his friends and family.”

St. Joseph Ambulances chief Alton Bougi died Saturday at St. Luke’s Medical Center in St Louis.

The St. Joes have had a number of high-profile shootings in recent years.

Last year, a gunman shot and killed Chief Deputy Joseph Bougic, 37, who is credited with saving more than 100 people from a deadly car chase.

The chief was also the first person shot by an officer on duty.

Bougics family declined to comment on the St John incident.

A spokesperson for the St Joes confirmed the chief’s death to The Associated Press, but did not elaborate.

“Chief Alton was an incredible, caring, caring person,” the spokesperson said.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.”

A vigil for St. Clements Deputy Chief Eric Stork, who died after being shot by another officer in St Charles county, will be held at the St Luke’s medical center Sunday.

The county also said it would hold a memorial service for Stork.

Police and St Charles authorities have not said if Bougienes death was related to a recent confrontation between two officers and a suspect.

A St Charles police spokesman told The Associated, “At this time, we are in the process of interviewing witnesses, but no arrests have been made at this time.”

The sheriff’s department did not immediately return requests for comment Sunday.

Baughie’s family released a statement Sunday night, saying the family has been in contact with St. Jude Medical Center about the shooting.

“This tragedy has devastated the family, friends and community, and we are praying for all those affected by it,” the statement said.

The Baughies, however, said they want the public to know that they are not blaming Stjercys death on a possible relationship.

“You can’t make people like this and make them victims,” Mary Ellen said.

St. Johns police did not respond to a request for comment.

Broughie had been assigned to the department as an emergency response team member.

He joined the department in April 2010 and had been with the department since January 2016.

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