Nerd³, a game of interactive fiction that lets you play through a series of games using the Nerd¹ console, announced on Friday that it has acquired medical devices company, Medicament.

“We’ve been really pleased to acquire Medicament and are thrilled to have their support in making the NerdMiner™ experience even better,” the developer said in a statement.

The news comes just a day after Nerdµs first official title was announced.

The game was set to launch this fall for $14.99, but that has since been slashed to $10.99.

The developer said that Nerd¿s second title, called the Medical Device Detective, would launch later this year for $4.99 and will “offer a full suite of medical technology and medical instruments.”

Nerds developers have been busy in recent months, releasing games for iOS, Android, and Windows.

The Nerd¤ iOS app, for example, was recently downloaded over 4 million times.

The Medicament website lists a list of upcoming medical device releases, as well as an ongoing list of games in the store.