The medical devices list from Strykers Medicinal Instruments, Inc., a leading manufacturer of medical instruments, is the first medical instrument list from the medical device industry in India, said a statement issued on Sunday by Strykker.

“Stryker is the largest supplier of medical instrument products to the Indian Medical Council (IMC) and is the primary provider of medical device parts to the industry,” the statement said.

“This is a first of its kind listing of medical devices for the Indian market and we are confident that the information will be shared with the Indian medical market through the official STRYKER Medical Instruments portal.”

Strykkers Medicinals and StryKER have been in business for over 30 years and have been producing medical equipment and medical equipment components for more than a century.

The medical device segment comprises products such as surgical instruments, dental appliances, wound care devices, and devices for medical diagnosis and treatment.

According to the company, Stryking has been the leader in the medical instrument category in India since 1987.

“We are very proud to announce the first Medical Instrument List from our new joint venture, STRYKERS MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS.

We have worked together with STRYKING and its medical devices team to build a comprehensive and comprehensive list of medical equipment,” said Dr Anuj Kaur, president, St. Michael’s Hospital, Chennai.

The Strykeders Medicinals website offers the first detailed list of products, their design, manufacturers and components.

The website also lists the products for sale by the companies in the country.

The listing of the products on the STRYKENKERS medical device list is part of the ongoing effort by the company to diversify the market in medical equipment.

“A large part of medical products are manufactured in India with our company as the main manufacturer,” said Kaur.

“Our products have been used in a wide range of medical applications and we also produce the components used in the devices.

Our products have also been used for surgical and dental applications.”

The company said the list of Stryks medical products includes surgical instruments and dental appliances.

“Our goal is to increase the presence of medical medical products in the Indian healthcare system by providing affordable medical equipment, medical instruments and medical devices to patients, providing an alternative for doctors to treat patients, and also by providing medical professionals with an affordable medical solution,” the company said.