A woman who got her first surgery at a private hospital in Bengaluru on February 15, said that the surgery was free and easy, because she had no insurance.

She also said that she had seen no signs of the flu and had no fear of it.

The doctor who performed the surgery, however, said she should have known better.

“It was a surgical anaesthetic, it’s a safe operation.

But, I don’t know if I can tell you what is going to happen when it is over.

I think you will be okay,” said Dr Manoj Prasad, who performed this surgery on the patient.

“I don’t think she has any symptoms,” he said.

He also added that she did not need any drugs.

“The surgeon did not take the time to do any tests or follow up on the condition of the patient,” said Prasam.

“She had no fever, no cough or any other medical condition.

We took the surgical instrument from her,” he added.

However, when asked about her experience, the woman said, “I feel really sad.

She didn’t ask me anything.”

Doctors from various private hospitals in Bengalureas said that they had performed a similar operation on the woman.

“A patient who had a very serious illness, like an infection, came to a hospital and was admitted.

But the patient was taken to the private hospital,” said Virendra, who also performed the same operation on her.

“There were no signs.

But there was no infection.

The patient was discharged and went back to her family,” said he.

“When we did this operation on our patient, she came home very sick.

She was given antibiotics, and there were no symptoms,” said Praveen, who had the same patient.

He said that his patient was very lucky, because the infection did not spread.

“Our patient did not get any infection at all.

We just had to do an operation on this very patient.

The pain was so bad that she could not walk, or even talk.

I do not know how long she was in the hospital.

We went back a few days later and saw she was fine.

She went back home after about five days,” said Vijay, another of the doctors who performed it.

Dr Prasamy said that in Bengal, only the government can make decisions about medical facilities.

“We do not have a hospital in the city, but we can give an estimate for the costs of providing medical facilities,” he explained.

According to him, in the state of Karnataka, there are a total of seven private hospitals which have their own ambulatory surgical units.

In the state, hospitals which are not run by any of these private hospitals can offer the patient the same facilities, which are also provided by the government.

“In other states, the hospitals are run by private hospitals, but in Bengal we have a central hospital with the facilities to provide all the medical services that we require,” said the doctor.

Dr Manjesh, a resident of the area, said the woman, who is a resident student, had a minor illness.

“All her friends have come and they have been her friends for the last couple of years.

She is now in a private health facility,” he told The Hindu.

He added that he is also concerned about the future of his patients.

“These are my friends.

They are my neighbours.

What do I want to do with them?,” he asked.

In a country where medical care is very costly, many people opt to take the free operation at home.

“Many people come here and take their own medical care,” said one doctor, who did not want to be named.

“They are willing to take care of their own health,” he claimed.

Dr Gopi Sharma, a professor at the Jawaharlal Nehru University Medical College, who was not involved in the operation, said, in general, it is a good idea to provide the patient with medical care.

“But, you should also do the proper tests and follow up.

We need to see the patient and see how well she is getting on.

If she has an infection that is not curable, then it’s better to keep her in the operating theatre.

I would advise them to keep their distance from the hospital,” she said.

Dr Sharma said that when a patient has a fever or cough, she should also be taken to a doctor.

“If you are a patient, it should be a priority to get the patient to a private doctor,” she added.

The women’s health minister, Satyendra Kulkarni, said this was a case where the government did not have the authority to decide on the hospital’s operation.

“This is not a medical procedure.

It is a personal health matter.

It’s not a private operation.

It has to be done by a private surgeon and there is no government authority,”